Giclee Printing

Giclée printing is a process that uses fade-resistant, archival inks and archival substrates to print on large format printers. This process is often used by artists to make reproductions of their original artwork, photographs or computer-generated art for resale while preserving the original.

The term Giclée printing is based on the French word “le gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, or more specifically “gicler” meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray”.

Laguna Digital Printing specializes in high quality Giclée printing and works with the artists to create gallery-quality reproductions of their work. Our giclèe prints use the highest quality equipment and materials.

So regardless of the size of your order, we ensure that every reproduction leaving our facility meets our exacting standards and is delivered to you on time. We like to make sure that the journey is straightforward and every detail is perfect, so once it all comes together you—and everyone else—can truly appreciate your great work.

Promote your brand awareness with well-crafted banners!

Customized large format prints and banners are efficient tools to increase your brand identity and promote your business services and products.

Once perfectly designed and produced, banners can effectively transcend your brand awareness and transfer your message to your existing or potential clients.

Contact us for more information about our banners and large format printing options for your business and get a free quote!

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