Ultra Gator Board Printing

Ultra Gatorfoam is a versatile and robust material that offers a variety of use cases . Due to its superior durability, rigidity, and moisture resistance, Ultra Gatorfoam is an ideal choice for large-scale signage, point-of-purchase displays, and exhibits in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Ultra Gatorfoam boards advantages

Following are a handful of Gatorfoam board advantages over conventioal foam boards:

  • Superior durability: Resists dents and scratches, lasting up to 3-5 times longer than conventional foam boards, making it ideal for long-lasting displays at the annual Orange County Auto Show or the OC Fair & Event Center.
  • High rigidity: Offers 2-3 times greater rigidity than standard foam boards, providing excellent support for large-scale exhibits at the Bowers Museum or the Discovery Cube Orange County.
  • Moisture resistance: Withstands humidity and temperature fluctuations, suitable for both indoor and outdoor events like the Huntington Beach Art Walk or the OC Night Market.
  • Lightweight: Weighs approximately 15-20% more than conventional foam boards but offers significantly improved performance, making it easy to transport and install for trade shows and conferences held at the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • Versatility: Can be used for various applications, such as retail store signage for businesses at South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Perfect for mounting photographs and artwork for exhibitions at the Orange County Museum of Art or the Laguna Art Museum.

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